About us

Management Philosophy

Contribution to the conservation of energy and resources through the creation of ultra low-loss soft magnetic materials.
Become a symbol of the Tohoku area reconstruction as a materials company.

Business Objectives

Creation, integration, industrialization, and actualization of ultra low-loss soft magnetic materials and improvement of business value through these activities

Description of Business

Development, manufacturing, sales and licensing of ultra low-loss soft magnetic materials
(ribbons and particulates)

Business Management

  • 1. Capital

    745,900,000 Yen

2. Board of Directors
  • President and Representative Director

    Yasutaka Fujita

  • Director (Outside)

    Tsuyoshi Nomura

  • Director (Outside)

    Tetsuro Higuchi

  • Director (Outside)

    Nobuhiko Nishi

  • Director (Outside)

    Yasuo Sasao

  • Director (Outside)

    Atsuyoshi Maeda

  • Auditor

    Yoshihisa Nemoto

  • Auditor

    Fumihiro Katakura

  • Auditor

    Shigeru Unami

  • Managing Executive Officer

    Hidenori Kuwata