“The Tohoku Magnet Institute” contributes to societal resource and energy conservation through its ultra low-loss soft magnetic materials that are created at Tohoku University. We strive to become a symbol of the Tohoku area reconstruction as a materials company. The company was established thanks to funds from national Japanese companies (ALPS ELECTRIC CO., LTD., TOKIN Corporation, JFE Steel Corporation, Panasonic Corporation, Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.) and the Tohoku University Venture Partners Co., Ltd.

There is a social demand for a reduction in the energy used in various electronic devices for the energy creation as well as for the global environment, and one of the key steps for realizing this lies in the improvement of material performance. This is also critical for the development of all types of higher-performance, lighter and smaller electric devices in every field that uses energy including information, communications, home appliances, industrial devices, and automobiles.
The Tohoku Magnet Institute is working to meet these sorts of societal needs by equipping society with these new materials.

Tohoku University has advocated for research that can be practically used in society, under the idea of “Practice-Oriented Research and Education”, which it has championed since it first opened. Since the Critical East Japan earthquake and tsunami in 2011, it has now additionally added the goal of “Reconstruction and Innovation” as well.

We have contributed to the reconstruction and innovation in the Tohoku area saving electrical energy provided by “NANOMET ®”, an ultra low-loss soft magnetic material that was the product of successful research by the “Tohoku Innovative Materials Technology Initiatives for Reconstruction” project (funded by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology). Through the collective effort between industry, government and academia, we have established “The Tohoku Magnet Institute co., Ltd.” as a company to manufacture, sell, and perform research and development,manufacture sell and licence on this advanced and cutting edge magnetic materials.

Our company helps to solve the various problems that society faces such as reducing energy consumption, resource conservation and global environmental problems, through the further evolution of “NANOMET®” into the new soft magnetic materials. We aim to be a leading company in the field of magnetic materials through the development and industrialization of the next generation innovative magnetic materials that will support society in the future.

We would like to ask your continuous strong support.

President & CEO
Yasutaka Fujita